S.A.L.VO 2021

Old Business:

May S.A.L.VO

Greetings Everyone,

    We’re almost halfway through another year of Covid 19 restrictions. It has been a long 17 months, but it appears we will soon have everything fully open by August, keep your fingers crossed.

    Here is a report on where we stand at this point.

Membership: 31 of 35.

NameDate PaidTotal Years
Salvatore Briguelio2
Bruce Chase2/11/202118
Michael B. Cole9/28/2020
James M. Connors9/14/20205
Alan Costos2/4/20219
William E. Dowling3/24/20212
Jeffrey T. Furness10/19/2020
David Glidden11/15/20204
Robert F. Grady3/23/20213
Robert  Graham10/16/20202
Derek L. Gray9/30/20202
David T. Greynolds2/14/20216
Bruce J. Harper Sr.9/30/202018
Paul R. Harvey Sr.10/16/20204
Mark Landers10/27/20204
Jonathan P. Leiby3/20/202113
Leonard R. Leo III10/13/20206
Stanley R. Leonard9/30/20206
William Lovgren9/30/20203
Michael J Lynch9/30/20209
Jay S. Marcotte9/14/202030
James Nunnery2
Peter C.Picken10/19/202014
Ronald P. Pratt10/4/20203
Scot C. Pratt11/7/202018
Michael A Rencricca2
Nicholas J. Rencricca9/14/202021
Albert F. Riccio9/14/202021
Chris A. Robinson1/1/20219
Derek M. Rose1/15/20217
David J. Tupper9/14/2020
CharlesM. Trigliano Jr.9/14/2020
Raymond A. Wallace3/3/202115

Ticket Sales: We have 360 tickets out in the system with approximately 4 books sold and $150 collected. We need to sell 300 tickets to break even. Thank you to everyone who has taken and sold tickets. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet or need more, let me know how many and how I can get them to you. With everyone’s help we can make this work.

Scholarship: A question was asked about expanding the requirements to include nieces and nephews. After some discussion expressing good arguments for and against, it was decided to keep the requirements to immediate family members at this time. Two applications have been distributed at this time. The deadline to submit applications is August 31st. We need to decide how many scholarships to award, so let me know your thoughts.

Projects: There has been some talk about the Post hosting a dinner for residents of a local Soldiers Home or patients of the Bedford VA Hospital. We may be asked for a donation or to help serve. I will keep you posted. If the Post does fully open in August I hope to start our 50/50 raffles again. This will require your support and help, I’ll keep you posted. If you have any ideas for other fund raisers let me know.

With the Covid Vaccine becoming more available many restrictions have been removed. The Post will get back to a somewhat normal operating level, so we can start our 50/50 and other raffles again on May 29th. Until then I would ask that if you feel comfortable doing so you visit the Post when you can, or whenever possible make a donation of any amount. Remember without the Post we don’t exist.

Thank you, I look forward to our regular meetings happening soon.