2019 Scholarship

Here is the information for the 2019 S.A.L. Squadron Scholarship.

Good luck.

S.A.L. Squadron 313 Scholarship Application 2019


1) All children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, and nephews of American Legion Post 313 Family whose 2019 dues are paid-up qualify.

2) Any level of college enrollment will qualify (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior).

3) The award can be used by the recipient at their digression.

4) The award will be awarded at the beginning of or during the first semester of the academic year after proof of enrollment is provided.

Personal Information:

Name of Applicant:

Address: City                     State                       Zip

Phone number:                       Birth Date:

Sponsor:                               Affiliation:

Extracurricular Activities (Org., Awards, etc.):

Hobbies and Special Interests:

College you attend or will attend:


Approximate household income:                         No. in the household:


On a separate sheet of paper submit a typewritten essay of 500 words or less expressing your thought on “Patriotism and Aid to the Veteran”


Send your essay to:

S.A.L. Squadron 313

90 Groton Road

North Chelmsford, Ma. 01863



Enter scholarship in the subject box

Essays must be submitted by May 5, 2019, to be considered.

Children’s Christmas Party


S.A.L.’s Children’s Christmas Party. Saturday December 8th 1 PM at the Post.

A child, grandchild, niece, or nephew of the Post 313 Legion family up to the age of nine can attend.

Sign-up sheets are available at the Post or e-mail child’s name, boy or girl, and age to roscoeleonard1952@gmail.com with “Christmas Party” in the subject matter.

Deadline is November 30th.

50 / 50 Drawing

The S.A.L. Squadron 313 50/50 Drawing is back.

The drawings will be held on Friday nights at approximately 7:15.

Proceeds will go toward supporting our activities throughout the year.

We thank you for your support of past drawings and look forward to seeing you at future drawings.




Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, a



common occurring chemical found in many industrial products.

Mesothelioma attacks the thin membrane protecting the abdomen, lungs and heart. Airborne asbestos particles become lodged in the membrane and cause the cancer.

If you were in the military between the 1930’s and 1970’s mesothelioma-and-veterans-thumbthere is a higher than normal chance you were exposed to asbestos particles in some way. Asbestos products were used in the insulation for barracks and work areas, vehicle, aircraft, and ship parts.

The symptoms of mesothelioma can take 10 to 50 years to appear and are often dismissed as pneumonia or other respiratory disorders. So now that you know don’t just assume that a doctor would have noticed the symptoms by now, ask to be checked specifically for the cancer.

Here is a list of the various types of mesothemiola and their symptoms:

Pleural Mesothelioma



  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Persistent coughing
  • Persistent chest pain
  • Weight loss
  • Fever

Peritoneal Mesothelioma



  • Buildup of fluid in the abdominal cavity
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Abdominal pain
  • Hernias

Pericardial Mesothelioma



  • Chest pain
  • Heart murmurs
  • Excessive palpitations
  • Labored breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Night sweats




The VA recognizes their responsibility to provide treatment to eligible veterans and has programs to help. You must meet the following criteria:

  • Honorably discharged from the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard
  • Exposed to asbestos during military service
  • Have a service-connected disease or disability related to asbestos exposure

You can get more information on filing VA claims here.

For more information on the types, causes, symptoms, and treatment of mesothelioma, visit their website at: http://www.mesotheliomagroup.com .

As with any type of cancer early detection and treatment of mesothelioma is the best possible cure. Get checked out today.


Since the Medal of Honor was created in 1861 there have been 3,469 awarded. Approximately half were awarded during the Civil War alone.

The Medal of Honor is the highest US Military coolidehonor awarded for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. It is awarded by the President on behalf of the Congress and represents the gratitude of the American people.

There are two methods of being nominated for the Award. The most common is for the service member to be nominated and approved by the chain of command for his organization, the other is to be nominated by Congress and approved by a special Act of Congress.

The presentation is usually made at a formal ceremony, by the President, at the White House. Medals awarded posthumously are presented to the primary next of kin. Since 1941 more than half of the Medals have been awarded posthumously.

There are three versions of the Medal, Army, Navy, and Air Force.300px-Medalsofhonor2 Marine and Coast Guard members receive the Navy version.


The Medal and any associated ribbon or badge is protected by law from any unauthorized adornment, sale or manufacture to maintain the high level of prestige associated with the award.

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Veteran Jobs

We know it’s not going to be easy to find that ideal job once your military obligation is over. How many employers are looking for sharpshooters or fighter pilots these days?

Here are some tips on getting the skills you’ll need for your new job.









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One of the main principles of the American Legion is to imagesfulfill the needs of veterans and their families. Through Legion membership we strive to do this at both the Post and National levels. The individual Post programs provide aid to local vets and families while the National Organization actively lobbies with Congress to maintain funding for veterans’ benefits, such as health insurance, education, retirement, etc..

These programs are not cheap and are funded through membership dues. That is why, even though the 2014 Legion membership is  currently 2,400,000, we must strive for new members. There are thousands of eligible younger veterans out there we don’t seem to be reaching. It’s your benefits we are striving to preserve not just our own. We can’t fight this battle for you, we need your help to make our voices heard.

Visit local Posts and get to know the people, see what programs are available, then decide on which one to join and how you can help. We are constantly seeking new ideas, your ideas for activities to get new people involved in the Post. Let us know what you would like to see. We can only learn something new if someone shows it to us, and the only bad ideas are the ones you haven’t told us.

You are our future and without a future we will no longer exist. Help us help you, consider joining now. Stop by our Post, the post of your choice, or sign up at the National Post now.